The Board of Directors of APA Los Angeles generally meets at 6:30 PM on 4th Wednesdays of odd-numbered months, with exceptions for weekend Board retreats in January and July. All members of APA are welcome to attend Board meetings. To RSVP for the next meeting and receive location information, contact with your name and member ID number. If you have a business item you would like to discuss with APA Los Angeles, please contact director@apalosangeles.orgAPA Los Angeles committees meet at dates and times established by each committee. If you are interested in joining or working with a committee, email

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2020 Meetings


January 11 | March 25 | May 27 | July 25 | August 26 | September 23


APA Los Angeles has Bylaws that define the organization’s purpose; the area it serves; its membership, Board composition, committees, and meetings; initiatives and referenda; policies and processes; and finances. These Bylaws are established in coordination and concurrence with the Bylaws of APA’s California Chapter. The current Bylaws as adopted on September 23, 2020, can be viewed here. If you have any questions about the Bylaws, contact