All of us here at APA Los Angeles have been looking forward to this day to acknowledge all 50 nominations submitted for the 2020 APA Los Angeles Planning Awards. Each nomination provides compelling answers as to why communities need planning more than ever before.  As society roils under an ongoing pandemic, APA Los Angeles strives for a safer and healthier platform to honor this year’s extraordinary group of applicants and award recipients.  Our outstanding and renowned members of our Awards jury selected a group of recipients that are some of the boldest and the most daring yet. Altogether, they show why the unparalleled natural and social environment of Los Angeles have nurtured the country’s best urban planners.  This year’s recipients are drawn from the vast geographic breadth of the county. We are thankful to see that more planners and planning work advancing the social and human development of underrepresented groups and marginalized communities.  Programmers, coders, artists, educators, engineers, scientists, landscape architecture among many others are to thank for many of these great recipients. 

Awards Recipients

Thank you 2020 APA Los Angeles Awards Jurors!

Our distinguished panel of jurors from all across Los Angeles County met virtually to evaluate and select this year’s awards recipients. It is our privilege here at the section to have the following outstanding and renowned members of our 20-member jury provide their time and expertise to review 50 applications:
  • Vinayak Bharne, Principal of Moule Polyzoides; Adjunct Associate Professor of Urbanism at University of Southern California
  • Amy Bodek, AICP, Director of Regional Planning, County of Los Angeles
  • Patricia Diefenderfer, AICP, Advanced Planning Officer, City of Long Beach
  • Tahirah Farris, AICP, Regional Planner, County of Los Angeles Department of Regional Planning
  • Lisa Flores, Planning and Community Development Administrator, City of Arcadia
  • Monique Garibay, Associate Planner, City of Lancaster
  • Steve Gerhardt, AICP, Executive Director, Walkable Long Beach
  • Mark Herwick, AICP, Supervising Regional Planner, County of Los Angeles
  • Jeremy Klop, AICP, Principal, Fehr & Peers
  • Ashley Labosier, Executive Director, Pepperdine University Davenport Institute for Public Engagement and Civic Leadership
  • Shine Ling,  AICP, Manager, Transportation Planning, Metro
  • Alan Loomis,  AICP, City Urban Designer, City of Santa Monica
  • Mercy Lugo, Associate Planner, City of Covina
  • David Mieger, AICP, Senior Executive Officer, Long Range Transportation Planning and Mobility Corridors, Metro
  • Vinit Mukhija, Chair of the Department of Urban Planning, UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs
  • Bob Paternoster, FAICP, American Planning Association
  • Marsha Rood, FAICP, President, Los Angeles Region Planning History Group
  • David Salazar, FAICP, Chief Facilities Executive Officer for the Los Angeles Community College District (Ret.)
  • Carrie Tai, AICP, Director of Community Development Department, City of Manhattan Beach
  • Alex Yee, Climate Change Analyst, California Coastal Commission